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Zoom Data Protection Agreement

We will retain personal data for as long as necessary to do what we say in this statement, unless a longer shelf life is required by existing legislation. Among the criteria used to determine our retention times are: If you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA) and your personal data is transferred outside the EEA, we: If you wish to correct or update information you have provided to us, please register for and update your profile. Note: As soon as you access the Zoom site, the “Zoom” provider is responsible for data processing. However, this access to the site is only necessary to download the software needed to use “Zoom.” The following table describes Zoom`s handling of personal data as responsible for data processing. The table does not contain customer content, including personal data about you, that may be contained in the customer`s content, for example. B conversation records or phone calls or transcripts, because the customer (the owner of the Zoom account) controls the processing of the customer`s content instead of Zoom. All questions about the handling of the customer`s content should be addressed directly to the customer. We do everything in our power to protect your data and ours and ensure transparency. We have signed a contract with Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

However, it is up to you to decide whether you would like or can participate in our video conferences and webinars via Zoom. It is only when you log in to the meeting or open the invitation link that your data is collected. By participating in a Zoom meeting, you agree to our privacy policy and agree to process the data needed to organize the meeting. You can also log in over the phone, even if not all the functions of the meeting can be guaranteed in this way. Welcome to the Zoom Legal Center. The information provided here is intended for Zoom users who have questions about our terms, policies and compliance. If you have any questions, please contact us at To enable video and audio playback, the data is processed from your terminal microphone and by each video camera on the terminal for the duration of the meeting. You can turn off or disable the camera or microphone at any time with zoom apps.

We make reasonable economic efforts to remove your personal data as required, but we keep the necessary records to comply with a government authority or existing federal, national or municipal legislation. To the extent permitted by law, we may refuse to process applications, including requests that are unduly repeated or systematic, require a disproportionate technical burden or endanger the privacy of others. ZfG is hosted in the United States in a separate cloud authorized by FedRAMP and is accessible via a separate website (