Preschool Childcare Forest Grove OR


Montessori Preschool Childcare is a place for parents who are interested in the success of their child in a well structured environment where your child will grow up with love in a safe and healthy environment sensitive to their needs. Montessori Preschool Childcare is a place where we use the Montessori method, this means that your child learns the first letters in their native language and has the opportunity to learn a second language like Spanish, with the daily routine with personalized attention from teacher Elia Cobb.


Elia Cobb has worked in Mexico and some organizations in the United States such as  Migrant Head Start, Oregon Child Development Coalition and others. She specializes in child development from 0-7 years. It is for this reason that it is very important for the child to be here 5 days a week to stay on track with their learning and development.

There are some places where you take the child for a day. But at these places the children are cared for in a group and do not carry a daily routine for development of the child. It is very difficult for a child to learn when present only for 1 day.

We have games and materials to motivate children for their development:

  • Language
  • Math
  • Sensory
  • Fine Motor  (Hand Skills)
  • Cognitive
  • Large Motor (Jumping, Running, etc.)
  • Emotional

Discipline Policy
We define the discipline as a guide to help children learn and obey the school expectations. In a positive and soft way. We never get angry with a child for a mistake like spilling something, but it is expected that they help clean up depending on their age. Children who are stubborn or resist certain things we try to give them options. We encourage children to use words to express themselves. Wounding or hitting other children or abuse of school materials are not allowed. When a child breaks the rules he or she has to leave the activity or help to fix the problem. We use a soft voice with the children when they have conflicts.

Montessori Preschool Childcare Tuition.  Non Refundable Registration Fee $150.00. No wait listing.

FullTime 4 Days a Week Program 3 Days A Week Program
3 months to 2+ years $1180.00 3 months to 2+ years $1030.00 3 months to 2+ years $925.00
3 years to 4+ years $1035.00 3 years to 4+ years $900.00 3 years to 4+ years $800.00
5 years to Kindergarten $850.00 5 years to Kindergarten $835.00 5 years to Kindergarten $735.00

* Sibling Discount for full time*

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Montessori Preschool Childcare Family Handbook